Saturday, November 6, 2010

On Captain America and Music Appreciation

    Today I'm going to start off with something that hasn't been talked about much which I said I would, comic books. I recently started, and it's still somewhat embarrassing to admit that I read comics. Nonetheless, I'm a nerd and I get some enjoyment from reading it. I'm going to talk about one comic book that's somewhat stuck with me for a while now, Captain America 611, The Trial of Captain America. This comic is very interesting in its premise as well as in the context of when it's being put out. As most people know, there is a new Marvel movie coming out July 22, 2011 which is Captain America: The First Avenger. It will focus on the origins of Cap, when he was a sick man receiving the Super Soldier Serum, the antagonist being the Red Skull.

                                                      Hi Human Torch....... I mean Cap

      The premise of Captain America 611, is what the title is, The Trial of Captain America. It would take me forever to list the different Captain Americas and their histories. For our purposes there are two current Captain Americas in operation at the moment, those two being Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers is the original Captain America, the one who will be starring in the new film. He currently runs a secret operations team. Bucky Barnes was his sidekick in WWII, and is the current Captain America, he has the iconic costume and shield. They both fought together in WWII, but ended up being separated, Steve being frozen in ice and Bucky being killed. The Russians brought Bucky back to life and turned him into the Winter Soldier, he had no memories and was an assassin for them. He was eventually freed by other superheroes. The Trial of Captain America results from this. A villain of Cap, Baron Zemo, had recently revealed to the public Bucky's dark past and he is now facing a trial for his past actions. 

Who Will Wield the Shield...... something that came out when I didn't read comics
        The thing that has people wondering though, is will Bucky give up the mantle, and Steve Rogers take it back? It seems like a convenient thing for Marvel to do. The new Captain America movie is coming out soon, and everyone knows that when you have a movie that's successful sales for that comic boost, such as when Deadpool appeared in the Wolverine movie. The paragraph above took me almost a month to figure out, it was that complicated for a new reader like me to jump in. By simply putting Steve Rogers, a character you will be familiar with if you watch the movie, into the mantle, then it becomes easier for people to know the character. Therefore many, including myself are thinking that maybe Bucky will die a hero's death and be redeemed, and allow Steve Rogers to become Captain America once again. I also liked the few panels with Steve Rogers talking to Barack Obama, and the art is pretty good.

        I also went to a concert pretty recently for orchestra, where I had to watch the Freshman orchestra play. The concert pretty much solidified some of my theories and brought out nostalgia. It made me realize that I enjoy classical music, but only if I've played it or known it before. Most of the time when I'm forced to go to concerts like these, I'm pretty bored because I don't know the music. However as I've grown older I've grown a little more tolerant of classical music. Knowing the music also helps tremendously. I know the different parts to it and what my orchestra would play it as. So as I listen I compare what different styles or techniques they used, such as maybe they added a forte here or they bring out more of the violins rather than the cellos. It's pretty interesting. The freshman were playing Deerpath, a song that was pretty notorious among my fellow grade members, as we spent laborious amounts of time playing that with our student conductor. It was a real treat listening to it and comparing how  our grade performed next to them. So how many of you like to listen to classical music? Because I still can't say that for sure yet. Also pick up Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens, it's a pretty good album, although the middle is kind of weak. I'll probably put that along with my GameDev Story review later this week.

(Skip to about 5:11 for the most infamous section, The Hunt)

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