Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Intro! First Blog Post!

Hello the internet.
Today in Chemistry class we were assigned to begin a blog. This blog will be updated every week for a while. Let’s start with introductions. I am a sophomore in high school. I was born in South Korea but I have lived most of my life here, so I’m more American than Korean culture wise. I lived in the Boston area for about 10 years, Winchester specifically, and then moved into the Chicago area in 2008.
This blog will be about random topics that I’m interested in, at least for a while. Those subjects happen to be mostly in entertainment, such as videogames, comics, and music. Basically anything that comes across that I deem interesting I will write about. There are different sources that I will use for the blog. The two main websites that I used are www.cnn.com for worldwide and general news, and www.giantbomb.com for most of my videogame related news. Giantbomb especially is a great website, made of a great community and the editors are great. One of the four editors Jeff Gerstmann was a source of great controversy in the gaming community, the Kane and Lynch incident in 2007. If you google those two words together this controversy will be the top result, the end result being him being fired and his consequent formation of the indie website Giantbomb.
That's it for now mostly. Some music I have been listening to recently that are recent releases (came out in 2010) would be The Suburbs by Arcade Fire, and This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem, both great albums in their respective genres. Next week is IMEA auditions, which is an orchestra composed of different schools in their respective regions of the Illinois state, which will probably be tough to get in. I might also write about the new gaming phenomenon that is Minecraft, a sort of revolutionary and interesting game that is getting a lot of attention and for good reason.
Looking forward to writing some more later-Glak Out


  1. Do you think that you like Boston or Chicago better? What's you'r favorite type of videogame? Would you say that you like alot of different types?

  2. Boston for the area itself
    It's a beautiful place, lots of mountains and hills and forests in the suburbs and around it, and the ocean is also really great. The city of Boston also has a sense of culture, lots of history behind it and walking down streets paved long ago great.
    Chicago however I like better for the people that I know here. I wasn't exactly the most popular kid in Boston, and the people here on the most part are more nicer.
    For my favorite type of videogame it would have to be an RPG. I play basically every kind of genre, I have an open mind. RPG's are usually more story focused and on character development so it's pretty fun.

  3. Good job Younglak. I am very proud of your progress. I am looking forward to reading your further posts. Keep doing what you do best(keep on trucking).